Automated sharing of real-time traffic incident information between agencies was estimated to reduce incident clearance time by 34 percent across 67 miles of I-95 in Virginia.

Virginia DOT (VDOT) highlights experience with Real-time Traffic Incident Mangment Information Systems (RTIMIS).

Statewide; Virginia; United States

Summary Information

This presentation highlighted agency experience with RTIMIS elements having the overall objective to improve traffic incident management through automated sharing of available real-time information.

The following system elements were highlighted:
  • Real-time data sharing system
  • Cross-agency, cross-jurisdictional cooperation
  • 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), and Signal systems
  • Secure, login protected access to system networks
  • Automated Data Extraction (zero operator impact)
  • Data Filtering
  • Automated Data Injection (Not yet achieved for 911 participant; Web application available)


Immediate value to VDOT
  • Up to 88 percent of accident discovery was by Virginia Safety Patrol (VSP) CAD.
  • Thirty-four (34) percent reduction in clearance time across 67 miles of I-95.
Additional value to integration partners
  • Reduced operator communication workloads.
  • Improved situational awareness.

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Real-Time Traffic Incident Management Information System (RTIMIS)

Author: Cowherd, Scott (VDOT)

Published By: Virginia DOT

Source Date: 04/23/2018


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