Information Management (17 unique benefit summaries found)

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Proposed data verification method capable of detecting more than 93 percent of all misbehavior attempts by using independent V2V location verification.(9/22/18)

Simulation of an ATM monitoring system successfully demonstrates ability to avoid the severe consequences of cyberattacks, indicating significant potential in improving freeway operations.(03/01/2018)

Coordination and sharing of transportation operations data may improve information flow and understanding between entities(01/01/2014)

Data archive warehousing pays for itself in less than 1.4 years and scheduling software saves almost four weeks per year for operations planners.(December 2009)

Use of archived data for "existing conditions" analysis is more time efficient and cost effective than collecting new data.(September 2009)

Analysis of optimal bus stop spacing based on archived automatic vehicle location data shows potential savings of $100,000 per year on one route. (September 2009)

In some situations, up to seventy five percent of all days can be missing data at urban locations when calculating annual average daily traffic statistics with archived ITS data.(January 2008)

Archived data management systems benefit planning and decision-making within agencies(December 2005)

In Virginia, ADMS stakeholders (i.e., VDOT administrators, planners, and researchers) were pleased with the ability of the system to provide a variety of data, but wanted more information on traffic counts, turning movements, and work zones, as well as broader coverage.(August 2005)

Officer-generated crash reports received electronically into the statewide crash database increased to 68 percent from 47 percent as a result of making data reporting and analysis tools available to local law enforcing agencies. (2005)

In Montana, mainline weigh-in-motion scales can improve pavement fatigue estimates and save $4.1 million per year in construction costs.(11 August 2003)

In Portland, Oregon, the Tri-Met transit agency used archived AVL data to reduce variation in run times, improve schedule efficiency, and make effective use of resources.(June 2003)

A study evaluating data archiving at more than 60 organizations found that data warehousing generated an average return on investment of 401 percent over three years.(5/1/2002)